Riddler’s Mind-Worm Mount

April 14, 2017 | 0 Comments

Riddler's Mount

While a few secrets still remain in the wonderful world of warcraft, the Riddler’s Mount is no longer one of them thanks to a crew of people and their time dedication.

As mentioned on the main site:

All credit goes to the Secret Finding Discord Community! #secrets Special thanks to: The moderators for their hard work over the last few days! Feld for finding the page near the moonwell in Duskwood “…first of lords to fall…” Voltage and Satela for finding the Firelands page “…the wind, the eye…” Aranail (Bumper) for finding the first page from Uldum “…the plume, the tomb, a scarab moon…” Doomsday for finding the page near Sha of Pride “…in snow, sand, and stone…” Eternity for finding the Well of Eternity page “…behold the battle, unblinking…” Sternregen for finding the page near Shado-Pan Monestary “…bejeweled watcher…” Trollmeister for finding the last page of the riddle in Uldum “…ray of sunrise…”

Please remember that these pages are very small but I had no problem viewing them with my camera panned all the way out.

I had wrote step by step instructions but there is a better list located over at imgur by Nightswifty!

Remember you have to do them in order, there’s not starting quest as it’s a series of pages randomly placed and on a last note I would hop over to a PVE server as PVP is getting crazy camped at some of the spawn points. If you’re on a PVP server some of the notes are easier to find, you just have to look for all the skeletons on the ground lol!


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