Mysterious Camel Figurine – Camel Mount

February 19, 2012 | 1 Comment

Mysterious Camel Figurine is a rare item that spawns in Uldum and has a small chance of porting you to a rare which drops a camel mount. I have only been able to find a handful which all resulted in 25 gold dust. None the less I keep trying and wanted to post some information for others searching.

One of the better posts on WoWhead talked about an add-on called Routes. I installed the add-on and must say I like it better than TomTom and a couple others I’ve used in the past. Since I’m using Routes the following information pertains only to it at this time.

  • Download Routes from and install
  • Log into WoW and type /routes to open the interface
  • Click on Add, create name and call it Mysterious Camel Figurine, then click on Create Bare Route
  • Next exit the game and locate your Warcraft installation folder
  • Inside it locate your WTF folder
  • Inside the WTF folder locate another folder called SavedVariables
  • Inside your SavedVariable folder is a file called Routes.lua
  • Edit that file and add the following code below:

What this will do is generate a flight path for you to follow. Make sure you have _NPC scan installed as well with the Rare Mob number of 50410. Since there is a lot of discussion about other numbers I went ahead and added 50409 and 50411 to my list.

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  1. Drexler says:

    Some arena add-ons I installed seem to have killed Routes from working anymore. Even after I remove all add-ons but routes it still will not function so I had to use GatherMate2 instead. No lines but I can still find the spawn points.

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